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Help Provide Quality Patient Skin-Care as a Dermatology Medical Assistant
A dermatology medical assistant helps a dermatologist and other professionals who specialize in skin care, in their role of diagnosing and treating skin disorders, as well as performing cosmetic treatments. Dermatology medical assistant job description A dermatology assistant offers a supportive role in both clinical and clerical duties. Their job description depends largely on their level of education [...]
What is a Medical Records Technician?
A medical records technician performs a variety of tasks in processing and maintaining medical records. Their job is extremely important in ensuring the health of patients and the smooth running of a medical facility. Medical records technician job description It is the responsibility of an assistant to manage patient medical records. This involves completing the data on a patient such as medical [...]
A Good Medical Assistant Instructor is Vital in Ensuring the Continuation of Quality Healthcare
Medical assistant instructor jobs are in high demand with the exponential growth of medical assisting jobs and the need for teachers to train students in this career. Medical assistant instructor requirements An instructor needs to already be a medical assistant. Requirements can vary from one medical school to another but generally they need to possess at least an associate’s degree in medical [...]
A Medical Research Assistant Helps in Finding Cures for Diseases
Many students who are working towards a degree in medicine choose to expand their knowledge by working as a medical research assistant. This experience helps further their medical career and also supplements schooling fees. Some graduates also apply for research assistant jobs to gain experience in their field of study before pursuing further education. Those who begin their career as an assistant [...]
A Pediatric Medical Assistant Makes a Crucial Contribution to Child Healthcare
Pediatric medical assistant duties A pediatric medical assistant helps pediatricians by performing administrative and basic medical duties. They work in doctors’ offices, medical clinics and hospitals that specialize in the treatment of children from newborns to young adults. The size of the practice generally dictates the type of duties an assistant will be required to carry out. Smaller settings [...]
The Importance of a Medical Examiner Assistant in Determining the Cause of Death
The role of a medical examiner assistant is to work alongside pathologists to establish the medical cause of death. Most of the duties are similar to those of a medical examiner with the exception that an assistant does not form a diagnosis. Each state requires the presence of a pathologist when the medical examiner assistant is working. Job description for an examiner assistant When a body is brought [...]
Medical Laboratory Assistant
A Medical Laboratory Assistant Ensures an Efficient Lab The role of a medical laboratory assistant is to support the work of technologists and technicians in a clinical laboratory and therefore they play a vital part in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medical laboratory assistant job description Their main area of work is to prepare samples for laboratory testing. A medical lab [...]
Clinical Medical Assistant
A Clinical Medical Assistant Provides Essential Support for Medical Practitioners A clinical medical assistant focuses on the hands-on health aspect of medical assisting as opposed to administrative work. Their primary responsibility is to assist other health care professionals in delivering patient care by carrying out certain duties which enable doctors to concentrate on diagnosing and treating [...]
Medical Technologist Jobs
Medical Technologist Jobs Make a Critical Contribution to the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Modern Medicine Medical technologist jobs are absolutely essential to the physicians who are working to improve and save the lives of patients. Medical technologists are the ones who supply reliable and valid results which facilitate doctors and researchers in preventing, diagnosing and treating disease. [...]
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