Phlebotomist Salary

An Overview of the Factors Determining a Phlebotomist Salary

The average phlebotomist salary is $26,710 per year which equates to $13 per hour based on a forty hour work week. However, this varies greatly according to a number of factors. Obviously, a phlebotomist salary increases if the phlebotomist has a higher level of education, is certified and has years of experience. The other primary variables are the vicissitudes of a location and the employer.

Cost of living determines phlebotomist salary

Phlebotomist SalaryEach state has its own cost of living and generally wages have to be in line with this for people to meet their expenditure needs to reside in that state. States with a high cost of living include New York and California and so a phlebotomist salary will be typically higher in these regions. The top ten percent of phlebotomists in California earn over $51,000 per annum. Regions within each state also affect salary with those working in urban areas usually being paid more than those in rural areas.

Demand increases phlebotomist salary

There is also the factor of demand versus supply. In areas where there is a greater need for phlebotomy jobs but not enough phlebotomists to fill these positions, employers will offer higher salaries to try and attract employees. This is the situation in Texas where phlebotomists can earn over $40,000 even though the cost of living is low. In fact, Florida which does not have a high cost of living, pays the second highest phlebotomist salary is the U.S. of $46,000 because employers have difficulty hiring trained phlebotomists.

Employer affects phlebotomist salary

The setting in which a phlebotomist works impact their salary. The highest paying jobs tend to be in private laboratories and specialist hospitals. Another well-paid aspect of phlebotomy is being a mobile phlebotomist who works a blood bank. Phlebotomist jobs in general hospitals and doctors’ offices are not normally as lucrative.

Compensation packages add to a phlebotomist salary

Employers often offer benefits packages which augment the overall value of a phlebotomist salary. These can include health and dental insurance, paid vacation, sponsored education and retirement plans. Some employers may not pay as high wages but can offer better compensation packages. Therefore, a phlebotomist needs to consider the overall picture when determining a suitable wage.

A rewarding job

Being a phlebotomist is a very rewarding and profitable career given that even those at the bottom of the pay scale can expect to earn over $20,000 and there are many ways to increase your phlebotomist salary.

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